Assessment Results

Low probability of sleep-disordered breathing

Based on your answers, your partner does not appear to have sleep-disordered breathing.

Symptoms associated with sleep-disordered breathing such as upper airway resistance syndrome (UARS) or sleep apnea include debilitating daytime fatigue and sleepiness, choking or gasping during sleep, frequent arousal from sleep, morning headaches, poor concentration, high blood pressure, and obesity.

If your partner complains of feeling fatigued during the day, it may be due to other factors, such as lifestyle choices, diet, stress, or even nutrition-based insomnia.

Next Steps

Because nutrition plays a huge role in sleep quality, share these healthy eating tips with your partner to help him or her achieve more rejuvenating sleep, in turn ensuring you can rest a little easier at night:

No liquids or stimulants before bedtime
Abstaining from liquids at least two hours before bed eliminates middle-of-the-night bathroom breaks, while cutting out caffeine and other stimulants at least ten hours beforehand helps keep your circadian rhythm on track.

Watch what you eat at night
Keep the last meal of the day light and avoid spicy foods to reduce indigestion, which may interrupt sleep. To stave off hunger before bedtime, a healthy snack ensures our bodies don’t become hypoglycemic during the night and wake us up looking for food.

Eliminate processed foods
Incorporating more organic whole foods into your diet instead of processed foods is not only good for your overall health and well-being, it also helps avoid many dental issues that can contribute to insomnia.

Read more about cultivating healthier sleeping habits and overcoming sleep-disordered breathing in my upcoming book, Stop the Snore! Dental Solutions for Healthy Sleep.

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